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I do not have any special story how we had a dog. For me it is the second dog, for my husband - the first. The conscious choice consist only in a choice of breed as " the Tenth Kingdom " became favourite film. In the rest all was solved with a case.

My friend has the golden - the girl. We, since its five-monthly age, began to wait, when it will be possible to cover it. To address to professional breeders owners, not having precise representation that we want, were ashamed.

Once the girlfriend has called and has told, that there are puppies, it is possible to look. We have phoned and go. A choice of the puppy at us was not, to us have shown all one, but it even to the best, I could not choose.

The most amusing, that went really only to look, instead of to take away, therefore, when I have seized the puppy, the husband has understood all. Almost have gone behind all necessary at night and solved at night, who will sit with Et'ka (so called the puppy). As a result to sit it was necessary to parents of the husband.

Now I understand it, that all have made incorrectly, that have not looked, have not chosen and so on, but perhaps it there was our dog, and what difference that was up to it, it is important, that Et'ka now with us.


Irina Koroleva



Golden retriever Etien Konakri Kiril

ow.Irina Koroleva. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

mob. +7 921 913 86 99, e-mail:

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